How Total Payable Amount is adjusted automatically against Current Balance?

Follow below-mentioned steps to see how the total payable amount is adjusted against current balance:

1. Select ‘Process Payout’, under ‘Payout Data’ header in the left Navigation panel.

2. A new page ‘Process payout’ will open, here enter all the correct information accordingly and click     on search payout.

3. All the Adviser Groups will appear with their transactions. Now, expand ‘Adviser group 1’ payout.

4. Here ‘Total amount manually paid/kept since last Payout’ will appear as $5. Thus, we make sure          that all the Advance/Reserve that were added are considered during the payout. Finally, total              payable amount is calculated.

5. Once the previous Advance/Reserve is settled, we can now give extra amount (Pay Advance) or          retain some amount (Keep Reserve) by selecting “Pay Advance” or “Keep Reserve” and then                entering the desired amount.

6. Final payable Amount and Closing Balance will be calculated accordingly.

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