Payout Report

The Payout Report shows the confirmed payout for the selected Adviser and the monetary payout to the Adviser. It shows the amount to be paid and any splits applied for the pay run to the Adviser.

The Payout report screen shows the monthly calendar.  The dates marked in Green show the dates on which payouts are confirmed. To view the Adviser payout details, click on the date and the payout report will be displayed below. Please find the attached screenshot for reference

  1. Click on the Adviser Group name to view the details of the Total Payouts and the Final Payable amounts.
  2. The Payout report screen provides other options to UnConfirm the payout and 'Download' the data.
  3. There is 'Unconfirm All' button, which helps you in Unconfirming payouts for all the adviser groups.
  4. There are 3 icons beside the Adviser Group name. The first icon allows you to UnConfirm Payout for a specific Adviser group.  This will effectively delete that particular payout.
  5. The second icon showing ‘XL’ allows you to download the Payout report in Excel format.
  6. The last icon showing ‘PDF’ allows you to download the Payout report in .pdf format.



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