New Client Screen

  • Manage Clients: This screen shows all the clients the adviser group and its advisers deal with.

    Name: Name of the client

    Client code: Code of that client for that provider.

    Adviser Name: Name of the adviser.

    Product Provider: Name of the products the client has.

    Servicing Adviser: Name of the servicing adviser aligned to that client.

    Referrer Name: Name of the referrer mapped to that adviser.

  • Pagination: When searching, you have the option of showing up to 100 clients on the same screen by choosing the desired number from the drop-down menu.


  • ‘Add’ button: This button allows you to add the client details.

  • Advanced Search: This allows you to search the transactions as required.

Search by: Allows you to put a filter for selecting the appropriate segments.

View By: Provides the order according to Merged/Unmerged & Grouped/Ungrouped.

Upfront/Ongoing: It allows you to put filter as per the fee type.

  • Three dots: The extreme right in the row of client details, open this dialogue box which allows for editing
  • Edit: Make changes in the client file


  • Add rule: You can add any rule according to your needs.

  • Account code: You have an option to check the start date/end date and other useful information aligned with that client code.

  • FOFA: You have the option to make any changes in the FOFA details of any client. All the above-displayed fields in the screenshot can be edited and changes can be done.
  • Delete: The last option in the drop-down of ‘three dots’ is to delete any client from the system.

  • The checkbox before the client’s name:  This allows you to select the clients for which you want to perform simultaneous actions.

At the bottom right part of the page you can find three options:

  • Map with referrer: After selecting clients you can map a referrer to those clients.
  • Map with Servicing adviser: After selecting clients you can map a servicing adviser.

  • Merge: The primary purpose of this screen is to allow client merging. Sometimes the same client comes up with different names, which will cause a duplicate client file in the system.

Merging of clients allows you to merge all such clients together to get all the codes and other details as it is, but the same name.


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