Adviser Group Statuses

If a Licensee stops business with any adviser groups, they have the option to mark that adviser group as Suspended or Terminated.

In total you have three statuses:

1. Active: Adviser Groups that Licensee currently works with.
2. Suspended: Adviser Groups that Licensee currently does not work with but may work with them in future.
3. Terminated: Adviser Groups that Licensee doesn't work with anymore.

 A filter named “Status” gets enabled in the process payout screen. It will have 4 entries:

  1. All
  2. Active
  3. Terminated
  4. Suspended


To change status of any Adviser Groups go to :

  • Business Setup
  • Adviser Groups
  • Go to Actions

Under Information tab you can change the status of Adviser Group.

In case transaction are received in file for the suspended or terminated groups, Total Payable will go into reserve.

Points to remember :

  • If you are setting an Adviser Group as Terminated, your will be able to mark it Active or Suspended. Terminated will be same as suspended groups except that clients will not be visible for terminated groups.
  • For suspended groups clients will still be visible on client screen.
  • If you have marked the Adviser Group as Suspended/Terminated and want to do a backdated payout then you need to make the group active and do the payout. In such case no suspended/terminated group will come in payout screen for that user.
  • Let us say you have suspended group on 31st March and want to do backdated payout for any date before than suspension date(eg:feb), then you need to mark it as active, do the payout which goes to final payable amount and then again mark it as suspended. Now if you again want to do a payout for a date after the suspension date (31st March’), then there is no need to make it active. You can still do payout and amount goes to closing balance. However,it can be made active and payout can be done.


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