How to create the Fixed Fee for an Adviser Group

1. Go to  ‘Business Setup’ and select 'Adviser Groups' from the drop-down

2. Click on the Adviser Group in which Fixed Fees have to be added


    5. A new page of ‘Update Adviser Group’ will open with various tabs including the Fixed Fees tab.

    6. Click on the 'Fixed Fees' tab.

    7. A new page ‘Fixed Fees’ will open where on the upper right side there will be a button named ‘Add’.


8. Click on the 'Add' button

9. A new page ‘Add Fixed Fees’ will open where you can enter the required details.

10. Click on the 'Type' section and you can see in the drop-down menu that there are two options available ‘Recurring' and One-off’.


 11. If you select Type as ‘One-off’, the Date field will appear for entering the start date of the Fixed               Fees.


12. When you select ‘Recurring’ Type, a new drop-down option will appear named as ‘Frequency’.

13. Select the 'Frequency' which can be Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly, Quarterly, or Yearly as per your requirement. When you selected the frequency its 'Number of Payments' will appear in field accordingly.

  For Instance –

  • You selected Type as ‘Recurring’ and Frequency as ‘Monthly’ then 12 payments can be preset.
  • You selected Type as ‘Recurring’ and Frequency as ‘Fortnightly’ then 26 payments can be done.

14. Click on the 'Save' button.


Please note, If you leave the ‘Number of payments’ field blank, this will be scheduled as indefinite. For Instance, if you selected Frequency as ‘Monthly’ then when 12 payments will be done, the next 12 payments will be automatically rescheduled.

16. Fees will be saved and all the information will appear in the table grid.


17. After Saving the Fixed Fees, when you click on the fixed fee the 'Scheduled Fixed Fee' page will be appear with scheduled Dates, Amount, Status and Action.



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