How to apply Fixed Fees in Process Payout

Follow the below mentioned steps to apply the Fixed Fees during your process payout.

1. Go to ‘Payout Data’ and click on Process Payout.

2. A new page ‘Process Payout’ will open where on the right side under the field there will be a button             named ‘Search Payouts’.

3. Enter all the required fields and click on search payout.

    * Confirmation date should be the date on which Fixed Fees were created or should be the   

       Date after the Fixed Fees date.

   *  Confirmation date before the Fixed Fee created date will not apply the Fixed Fees.

4. Processed Payouts will be open where at the right side a button named as ‘Process All Selection’ will           appear. Now click on (+) sign for the Adviser group grid.

5. ‘Payouts’ table grid will open showing transactions with Fixed Fees


6. Now scroll down the page. Under the total payments grid the total payments and total Fixed Fees will       appear including GST amount. The GST and fixed fees will be subtracted from the total payments   here.     The remaining amount will be the Total Payable Amount.

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