How to Map code with New Adviser

You can map transactions to an Adviser from an uploaded file, even if the Adviser Name has not been added in Advisers page, by using New Adviser Option.


1. Add Adviser Group from Adviser Groups page in Business setup.

2. Upload a file in Upload Data File.

3. Click on Unmapped Accounts in Data Management.

4. Select any record which is to be mapped with New Adviser (Record get selected and map button               displays).

5. Click on Map button.

6. A new pop up window will appear.

7. Select New Adviser option in “Map With drop down.

8. Enter any Letter of Adviser Name in Adviser Name field. A Drop down menu of Adviser Names

    will appear, showing the same Adviser Name as in File.

9. Select Adviser Name from drop down.

10. Enter Authorised Rep No., if required.

11. Enter any Letter of Adviser Group Name which already exist in Adviser Groups page, in Adviser

     Group Name All Adviser Groups which consist that letter will display in drop down.

12. Select Adviser Group Name and Click on save button.

13. The pop up window will close and the record which was mapped will be removed from Unmapped            Accounts page.

14. Adviser Name with which transaction was mapped will display in Advisers Page in Business Setup

     and will be now an Existing Adviser instead of New Adviser.

You can now use the Existing Adviser option while mapping other Adviser Codes with same Adviser

Name. It is recommended to go into Business Set up and complete the entry of the Adviser details to ensure completeness of your data.



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