How to create the Proportion Fee for an Adviser Group

1. Go to ‘Adviser Groups’ under 'Business Setup'

3. A new page of Adviser Groups will open where you need to click on Adviser Group in which Proportion Fees needs to be added


5. A new page of ‘Update Adviser Group’ will open with tabs including Proportion Fees.

6. Click on Proportion Fees Tab.

7. A new page ‘Proportion Fees’ will open where on the upper right side there will be a button named ‘Add’.


8. Click on the 'Add' button.

9. A new page ‘Add Proportion Fees’ page will open where you need to select Fee name from the drop-down, Enter Proportion (%), and Start date

10. Click on the 'Save' buttonmceclip3.png

11. Proportion Fee will be saved and will appear in the table grid.


*Proportion (%) will be charged according to the Adviser group total Payout amount.

For Instance – If an Adviser Group total is $265.64 and you put proportion (%) as 10, then the proportion fee will be charged as $26.56

*Start date would be the date when the Proportion fee is to commence being charged.

For Instance – If a proportion fee start date is 12/01/2020 then it will start charging from the same date.

*End Date would be the ending date of proportion fees.

For Instance – If a proportion fee ending date is 12/01/2020 and confirmation date is 13/01/2020 then it will not charge that fee.


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