What happens when you try to delete the confirmed Proportion Fees

When you try to delete a confirmed Proportion Fees it will show validation message as "you can’t delete Proportion Fees after a payout has been confirmed".

1. Click on the Proportion Fee grid, which you need to delete.

2. A new page ‘Update Proportion Fee’ will open where three buttons ‘Back, Delete and Update’ will Appear on the right side. Click on the 'Delete' button.

3. A validation message will appear like “Sorry!! You can’t delete proportion fee when any

    single proportion fee is confirmed”

*If you need to delete confirmed proportion fees, you will firstly need to un-confirm the payout from the Report section and then you can delete the Proportion Fees.

For Unconfirming Payout:

Go to 'Reports' > 'Payout Report' > Select the 'Payout Date' > Click on 'UnConfirmed Payouts' button for 'unconfirming payout as per adviser group' / or you can click 'Unconfirm All' > Click on 'Unconfirm'


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