How to update the Fee Commission Payment Stream

1. Go to ‘Business Setup’

2. From the drop-down menu, click on the first option i.e. ‘Product Provider’

3. Search for the respective product provider in the search box and click on 3 dots present on the extreme right of the product provider grid.

4. Select 'Fee Commission Payment Methods from the list


4. A window will be opened showing ‘Fee Commission Payment Stream’. Click on it to update.


5. You can make alterations in any of the fields in the form such as Payment Method, Payment Frequency,     Approximate Payment date, and Statement source.

6. Click on the 'Update' button after updating all the fields.

Note: Payment Frequency can be Monthly, Weekly, and Other. Similarly, we have different options in Statement Source like Email, Website, Snail Mail, Web Service, and Zipped File.


In Case of Zipped File :

If the ‘Statement Source’ is Zipped File then it is recommended to enter the password of the zip file otherwise the Commission statement will not upload. 

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