How to map clients with Licensee Referrer

1. Go to the ‘Business Setup’ and select the ‘Clients’ option. A ‘Clients’ page will open with two buttons present at the bottom right of the page named ‘Map Referrer' and 'Map with Servicing Adviser’.

Note: 'Map Service Adviser’ and ‘Map with Referrer’ button will be shown disabled if no clients are selected.

2. You can select more than one client from the visible list and click on the 'Map with Referrer' button at the bottom right.

3. A dialogue box of 'Map with Referrer' will open and you will see the list of referrers. You need to select the appropriate referrer from the given options.


4. You can see on the 'Manage Client' screen that the 'Referrers' are mapped successfully with respective clients.



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