How to create split fee rule for adviser group

i) Steps for creating ‘Split Fee Rule’ for Adviser Group:

1. Go to 'Business Setup' and select 'Adviser Groups' from drop-down

2. Click on the 'Adviser Group' grid in which you wish to add 'Split Fee Rule'

3. You need to select 'Split Fees' from the green bar present on the page

4. Click on the 'Add' button present on the extreme right 


5. A new page ‘Payout Rules’ will open where you need to enter all information correctly and also select all the 'Referred clients' from the drop-down

6. Enter Split Ratio as 60% and click on the ‘Save’ button.


7. Split Fee Rule has been created successfully.

Check Process Payout again


Group Default

Referrer Default

Group Rule





ii) Steps for checking 'Split Rule' in process payout:

1. Enter all the information correctly and select a valid date range on which file was uploaded.

2. Click on the ‘Search Payout’ button.

3. ‘Adviser Group 1’ payouts will appear, click on + sign to expand ‘Adviser Group 1’ similarly, click on + sign to expand ‘Product Provider’ transactions.


4. ‘Product Provider’ transaction will open with all clients and some clients, for which ‘Adviser group Split       Rule’ has been created will appear with 60% payout, remaining clients will appear with fixed payout i.e. 100%

*All calculation will be done according to applied rules and scenarios




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