Data Segment Reports

Data Segment is a feature in PayLogic where a user can manually create reports as per their needs with the data in PayLogic. It is a feature that enables users to choose the fields and apply filters to generate customized reports. Data Segments can be found under the Reports option on the dashboard.

1. Reports > Data Segments

2. To create a new Data Segment Report, click on the 'Add' button.


3. Define Name and Description for the report 

4. Click on the '+' button before any of the available fields for example: "Adviser Group Income". 


 5.  Select desired fields as per your requirement by clicking on the checkboxes for 'Field to Display' ( like Adviser Code, Adviser Name, Client Name, Client Code, 

Note: The selected checkboxes will now will visible under 'Selected Fields to Display'. To remove any field from 'Selected Fields to Display', uncheck the checkbox and the filed will be removed from 'Selected Fields to Display'.


There are 5 buttons visible on the Data Segment page.

  • Update: Click to Save any changes made in the report.
  • Delete: Click to delete the report completely.
  • Preview: Click to view the Data from the selected fields and filters.
  • Download: Click to download the report. Reports are downloaded in Excel format.
  • Clone: This is to clone the existing report.
  • Define filter: Define filter is present on the extreme right corner. It allows the user to define a filter and bring modifications as per his need. 


  • Clicking on 'Define Filter' brings a new screen that provides the option to apply filters to Tables, SubFields, Operator, and Values.
  • The user can select the filter from the Table and Sub Field to specify the search. The operator option allows the user to make the search specific to the Value and provide options like Is Equal to, Contains, Does not contain, etc.

There is an option to use 'AND' & 'OR' in the filter.

  • 'AND' is used to apply when 2 and more rules are run simultaneously to derive data.
  • 'OR' is used when either of the 2 or more rules are taken into consideration to derive a report.


  • You can add multiple rules to the filter. It also allows you to delete any specific rule from the Define Filters screen. Click on the 'Delete' button represented by the "Bin" symbol to delete rules.
  • Use "Reset all Rules" to remove all rules applied on Filter.
  • Click on Add Rule to apply a new rule on the filter.
  • Click on Add Group to apply a specific set of rules on the previously added filter rules.
  • Click on 'Update Changes' to save the changes made on the filter page and you will be redirected to the previous page. 
  • Again Click on 'Update' and all the filters will be applied to the created report.
  • Once the fillers are applied, you can Preview or Download the data segment report.
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