New Product Provider Screen

What’s new in this Product Provider screen? 

  • We’ve added the logo of Product Providers in front of their name.
  • Clicking on the web address you will be redirected to the Product Provider's website.
  • You can choose how many Product Providers you want to see on the screen by clicking on Show entries. The drop-down contains 10, 25 and 100 values.

Where can I find the new Product Provider tab?

To navigate to this screen, you need to click 'Product Providers' under 'Business Setup' from the left navigation menu.


What are the functions of the 'Card Action Button' (i.e. 3 vertical dots) at the end of every row?

When you put the cursor on the card action button a black box with different options will appear

Five options are as follows:


When you click on the edit button, you will be redirected to a new screen:

In this screen, you can update the information of the product provider; their like name, ISIN, address and other information about that Product Provider.


In add private section you can add details like URL of the particular fund manager, adviser group, login id and password so that once you will update all the fields.

Please refer below screenshot for your reference

You can see for example we have filled and adviser name.

You can see Take me to the URL link on the right-hand side. Once you will click on that you will be re-directed to the URL you have entered.

There is a description box also where you can put your comments for future reference.

Fee Commission Payment Method

The fee commission payment method means how the payment of the commission will be received by you (direct credit, cheque).

1. Payment Method = Direct Credit or another payment method.

2. Payment Frequency = Frequency can be monthly, weekly or daily.

3. Approximate Payment Date = Depends on the product provider

4. Statement Source = Email or login

5. Website

6. Username

7. Email Address


1. Sub Product Name: It is also known as the fund name.

2. Sub Product Code: Product code

3. Sub Product Type: Investment-related, Insurance and Loan

Define Schema

You can see how many schemas are created for that particular Product Provider.

Once you click on the line you will be redirected to a new page. Where you can change or update all the data related to that schema or fee type.

By clicking on 'Product Related to' dropdown you will be able to change the product as per the product type

Similarly, if you want to change Fee Type from 'Upfront' to 'Ongoing', just click on the drop-down

Uploaded File Info

By clicking on this, you will be able to see all the information regarding the file uploaded from the particular Product Provider.

1. File Name: All the uploaded file names will be visible under this tab.

2. Total Row: Total Number of rows.

3. Processed: Number of rows processed

4. Confirmed: Confirmed data

5. Unmapped: the unmapped transaction which needs your attention to map with correct advisers.

6. Not processed: Transactions that are not processed.


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