Client Group Screen

  • Login Type: Adviser Group Login/ Direct Adviser Group Login
  • On the left Navigation Panel, you will see “Clients Group” under the Business Setup heading. After you have clicked on this you will see:


Clicking on Client Groups will take you to the below screen:


  • Create New Group: This allows you to create a group. You are able to assign any group name (we suggest using the family name).
  • Edit Existing group details: This allows you to edit the details of the group.

Edit Existing Group Details:

  • Select Group name: This allows you to select the group that has been created.
  • Ungrouped Clients: The list of clients that are not yet grouped.
  • Member clients: This shows the list of member clients which have been moved to the group.
  • Save: Allows you to group the member clients in a single group.

Client Group Page

  • Group name: The name you assign post creating a group of selected clients.
  • Group Income – Current Year: This is the sum of gross income received for all the clients in that group.
  • Client name: Name of the client.
  • Client code: Client account code which comes in the sheet for that product provider.
  • Adviser name: Name of the adviser the client is aligned with.
  • Product Provider: The name of the fund manager the client has purchased the product from.
  • Pagination: The number of client you wish to view in that particular screen.
  • Search: This feature allows you to search for a particular group name, client name, client code, adviser name or product provider.

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