BT Panorama Datafeeds

To commence an Investment Datafeeds from BT Panorama, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Investment Datafeeds are only available to users holding an Investment Adviser License or Comprehensive Adviser License.
Contact your BDM for more information on License Types.



You will need to set up BT Panorama to register with them, and obtain your Adviser code. 

Registration can be completed by logging into your Panorama online account, and then going to "Business > Datafeeds".

On that screen, you should see an option for "Create New Data Feed".

Click on that, then follow along with the on-screen prompts, and ensure you select AdviserLogic as the destination.


Once you have completed the setup, and have your Adviser Code, you can proceed to phase two.

BT can be contacted at for any assistance.



1) Log in to your AdviserLogic account.

2) Go to Datafeeds:


3) You will be directed to the Datafeeds codes screen:

4) Click "Add", and in the Window that appears, select “BT Panorama”.

5) The page will update to enter the necessary fields.  You will need to provide your BT Panorama Adviser Code as per phase one above.

Please note that you can add up to 5 Adviser codes from one AdviserLogic account.

Note: Please be aware that if this is set up at the 'Dealer Level', it will still need your actual Adviser Code to be entered to work, and not the Dealer Group Code.


Your data will flow through to your account as soon as we start receiving it - normally within 48 hours. If it doesn’t, please reach out to us at for assistance in this matter.

NOTE: BTPanorama does not send us the Datafeed files whether the platform name has a Full or Compact Menu. In case, you see any discrepancy in the platform name for any client under BTPanorama Datafeed, please let us know with the details and we will update the same from the backend.



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