E-mail Functions

We have 3 functions related to e-mail available in AdviserLogic:

i) @M Function

ii) @D Function

iii) @T Function

@M Function (Bulk Emails)

You can use @M functionality to forward bulk e-mails from your Outlook/Gmail account to your AdviserLogic account. It will load each attached email as a separate entry as if you had sent them one at a time. To use the @M function, please refer the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Select multiple e-mails from Outlook/Gmail that you want to forward to AdviserLogic

Step 2: Click on forward. Please refer the below screen-shot for your reference:

Step 3: In the "To" Section: Enter your import e-mail address (This can be seen in the import e-mail screen) & in the subject enter @M Please refer the below screen-shot for your reference:

Step 4: Go to AdviserLogic application>Import E-mail> You will see that e-mails will appear as separate rows


i) The application automatically discards emails if they have previously been imported (to prevent duplicates)

ii) Any file (excel file, word file, image etc.) except email file will not be processed which is send in @m as an attachment.

iii) The Total email size must be less than 28mb


@D Function (Document Vault)




@T Function (Tasks)


You can also create Tasks to assign to clients by sending an email with the subject "@T" to your email import address. This will appear in the import section, allowing you to select the Task Type before assigning it.

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