Zapier: Record setup in AdviserLogic after an Action in Zapier (Only for new Records)

Following points will help in clearing all the doubts with respect to creating zaps which are
sending data to AdviserLogic:-

1. Select any of the zaps for POST

These are predefined Zap templates. You can choose from this list of zaps and start

Once the user finishes creating a zap which posts data to AdviserLogic, following steps should be

2. After the successful posting of data, you will see the success message as attached below.

3. Login to the AdviserLogic portal using your credentials.

4. On the home screen click the tool button.

5. Select the Data Import-Map Orphan Record in Tools section.

6. You will see various options for mapping: -
The two options available for Zaps are ‘Map Orphan Record-Clients/Partners’ and
‘Map Orphan Record-Entities’
a. For Client Details - Map Orphan Record-Clients/Partners
b. For Entity Details (Company/ Trust/ Superfund) - Map Orphan Record-Entities.

7. If you select client/partner screen, you will see all of the clients saved temporarily in
the orphan screen.

8. Quick Map functionality will allow you to map the imported data to new/existing
client or partner.

9. The functionalities (Discard and Export) on the top right corner will allow you to discard
the orphan records or export it to a CSV file.

Clicking on save as client, the record will be saved as the new client and you are good to go.

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