BGL Datafeeds (Data Feeds)

To commence an Investment Datafeed from BGL, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Investment Datafeed are only available to users holding an Investment Adviser License or Comprehensive Adviser License.
Contact your BDM for more information on License Types


1) Log in to your AdviserLogic account.

2) Go to Datafeeds:

3) Choose "Datafeed Codes" from the menu on the left:

4) Click "Add", and in the Window that appears, select “BGL”:

The page will update to display the necessary fields.

Click the Get Access Token button once the page refreshes.

You will be taken to the BGL login screen shown below:

Type your username and password and click on SIGN IN. You will be taken to an AdviserLogic BGL datafeed 'Authorise' page where you can click the button to allow AdviserLogic to pull data from your BGL account.

That's it! Your BGL Datafeed should commence within a couple of days of completing the above steps.

Please note that the BGL Datafeed area in AdviserLogic may continue to display 'Inactive' after you have completed the set up. The Datafeed will attempt to activate overnight, and the Datafeed screen will not show 'active' until the system makes a successful connection.

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