How to generate Bulk ROA

How it helps Users: This allows Users to generate a bulk ROA report for all the clients who have the Portfolio Asset Allocation outside of their Risk Profile or don’t have a aligned Model Portfolio.

To proceed further, one should have set up their Risk Profiles with lower/higher strategic asset allocations and Model Portfolio as well.


To set up your Risk Profile, refer this link:

To set up Model Portfolio, refer thus link:


Step 1: Go to Tools. Under Adviser Tools> Database Reporting. You will find Super AAA to select.



Step 2: You will be able to view all the client’s details alongside the Risk profile. Select the clients for who you want to generate ROA and click on Generate ROA.


Please note that Show ROA option will allow you to view list of ROA and allow you to add it as a File note in the user’s account. You can also delete ROA from that list that you don’t want to generate further.


Furthermore, you can also select check box - Show all platform funds if you wish to get the list of client's all platform fund as a separate view.


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