Affinity Index

What is affinity index?

Affinity index is a chart that shows how much data entry you have completed for your client. Initially, it starts off all grey but as you start to input the client information, the wedges change color.

Below screenshot shows how an affinity index appears.


Affinity index helps to understand on what grounds/factors it is calculated, in the form of Activity and Score. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the Affinity index section

Refer to screenshot, highlighted in yellow.

Once you click on the arrow, you'll find the details in the form of Activities it is based on, along with the scores. 


Affinity index also has the option, where you with just one click, can check every update which has been done under that client.

Click on the settings button and it will open another tab with "GO"

Refer to the screenshot attached highlighted in Red.



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