FinaMetrica (Everything you need to Know)

FinaMetrica Integration

What is FinaMetrica?
FinaMetrica is a platform which assists with the Risk Tolerance and Risk Profiling of clients.


What is Risk Tolerance and why it is measured?

Risk Tolerance is how emotionally comfortable a person is with taking Financial risk. For example, how much a person is willing for their portfolio to diminish for a chance to make bigger returns. It is psychological, and it is best measured with a psychometric tool.

By knowing how comfortable a client is with the investments ups and downs, Advisers can make sure that their client doesn’t panic, or worse, blame the adviser when a risk is realised.

What is Risk Profiling?

Risk Profiling is a process for finding the optimal level of Investment risk for your client by balancing their risk required, risk capacity and their individual risk tolerance.


There is often a mismatch between the risk required, capacity and tolerance.
FinaMetrica helps you identify mismatches and resolve them with your client.


Points of Consideration:
1. Finametrica can only be accessed by users holding an Adviser Licence (Comprehensive, Investment, Strategic & Risk Licences) in Adviserlogic.

2. To access Finametrica, the adviser should have access to Administrative tools. If not, then email with an approval email from the company's Executive or Admin contact person (registered under AdviserLogic) to provide the access to Administrative tools.

3. To get Finametrica access, every user has to email Adviserlogic at to provide them with Finametrica access.

4.  An adviser can only have the "Go to Finametrica" option if he or she is the adviser for that particular client. 


Get Started

  1. Register yourself first in AdviserLogic and then in FinaMetrica.

For registration with FinaMetrica, please contact if you already have an account with AdviserLogic

  1. Once you have registered yourself in FinaMetrica, you will be provided with your FinaMetrica Login credentials.
  2. Once you have received the login credentials of FinaMetrica, please log in for the first time in the below URL.

The landing page of FinaMetrica will look like this:


 4. Log in to FinaMetrica is a one-time activity. Once you have logged in to FinaMetrica, you will always get redirected to your FinaMetrica account directly from AdviserLogic while performing the risk profiler for respective clients.

Select “Client Profile ->Fact Find -> Risk Profiler”, “FINAMETRICA” from the questionnaire, and then click on ‘GO TO FINAMETRICA’. You will be redirected directly to your FinaMetrica account.

5. Once you have been re-directed to the FinaMetrica website for the first time corresponding to each client, you will be redirected to the client information page. Selecting “Connect to Existing Client” will take you to already existing clients.



6. Once you have been re-directed to the FinaMetrica website for the first time corresponding to each client, you will be redirected to the client information page. Selecting “Connect to Existing Client” will take you to already existing clients.



7. Once you have clicked on the New Questionnaire tab, you will be re-directed to start the questionnaire page where you must select “How many questions you want to answer to evaluate the risk profile of the client”.

8. Select the number of questions and mark the options denoted with a tick box as per your requirements. Click on Select.



9. You can see a new Test has been created. Click “Select” to show a menu with further options.


10. Go to the Select option and Click on Complete to start the questionnaire.


11. Once you click on complete you will be redirected to the Start Questionnaire page.


12. After completing the Risk Tolerance questions, click on Submit. The screen will move on to the “New Demographic” question set. Click “Start Questionnaire” to begin.



13. After completing the Demographic questions, click on Submit. Once all the questionnaires have been completed, you will receive an acknowledgment message. Click on Next to proceed.


14. Clicking ‘Next’ will take you to the Results screen, where you can see the total Agreed Score and the Risk Group which suits your client.


You can edit the Agreed Score, if necessary. The Download button allows you to retrieve a PDF copy of this page. This PDF can be customized to include only the features you need. When downloaded, this PDF is saved to the client’s Document Vault in AdviserLogic.


15. The total Agreed Score is sent back to AdviserLogic, where it will be shown in the client’s Risk Profiler screen. The Risk Profile is filled in automatically based on the score.

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