Mason Stevens Datafeed

To commence an Investment Datafeed from Mason Stevens provider, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Investment Datafeeds are only available to users holding an Investment Adviser License or Comprehensive Adviser License.
Contact your BDM for more information on License Types.


The first step is to request the initialisation of the datafeed.

Send the below email: 


SUBJECT: Mason Stevens Datafeed

To Mason Stevens Support Team,

Please take the necessary action to commence a datafeed from Mason Stevens to AdviserLogic for my client data.


Adviser Name: [Insert Adviser Name]
Adviser Code: [Insert Adviser Code]

Once you have done so, please reply by email confirming that the datafeeds have been set up.



Once the feed is set up, you can further link it to your account.

Go to your AdviserLogic account, select Datafeeds. Click on Datafeed codes, select Add and Mason Stevens from the providers dropdown. Add your Adviser code that you must have received from data provider and Save it. 

That's it. Your data will arrive next day under Datafeeds> All Datafeeds list.



What information does this feed provide?

Investment Details: Unit Balance and Transactional Data, including purchases, redemptions and distributions.

This Datafeed updates daily.


What information is not available?

Insurance Policy Information

Superannuation Details


What conflicts might it cause?

Mason Stevens Datafeeds are unusual in that each Client account can have several Account Codes associated with them. Normally this is not a problem (only one Account Code has Asset data linked to it, normally). Very occasionally, it results in duplication of data.

If that happens, the Support Team can assist with working out which Account Code to remove in order to resolve the issue, but you should be aware of this potential issue.

Mason Stevens provides a Datafeed to Class. If a Class Datafeed is active to AdviserLogic, it may conflict with the Mason Stevens Datafeed and cause duplication.


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