How to Reassign tasks in AdviserLogic.

In AdviserLogic you can reassign the tasks from one adviser to another. This helps in reassigning the tasks from one user to another when one employee replaces the another.

Note: To perform this function, you need to have Admin tools access.


Step 1: Go to Tools.



Step 2: Select ‘Task Reassignment’ under Practice Management.



Step 3: Once you have selected Task Reassignment, a new window will open.  You can now select the Current assignee & the New Assignee from the dropdown list keeping in mind the status of the tasks respectively. Click on ‘Reassign’ to save the changes.


Once you have Reassigned the tasks, you can download an excel sheet containing the list of all the tasks assigned from old user to new user by clicking on ‘Download’ option.


Tasks reassigned to the new assignee will be displayed in the account of the respective assignee.

 **After the tasks with status ‘In Progress’ & ‘Dormant’ have been reassigned to the new assignee, the changes will be updated in client’s task section as follows:

 Note: All the tasks with status as ‘In progress’ & ‘Dormant’ can only be reassigned.



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