Conditions for Fee to Come in FDS Report

The Fees shown in the Fact-Finder>FOFA Compliance Section will float through the FDS Report only if the below conditions are met:-

  • The FDS Check-box for the Fee record should be checked and the Fee type is Ongoing.
  • In the FOFA Compliance Section the FDS Application Date and FDS Disclosure Date should be put in.
  • The difference between the Fee date and the FOFA Disclosure should be the last 12 months. NOTE: Fees dated the exact same date as the Disclosure Date will NOT be included.

        For example:- If the FOFA Disclosure Date is 01/09/2017 and the Fee Date is 01/05/2016. The fee will not appear in the report, as it is outside of the required date range.


      However, if the FOFA Disclosure Date is 01/09/2017 and Fee Date is 01/09/2016, the fee will then appear in the report.



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