HUB24 Datafeed

To commence an Investment Datafeed from HUB24, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Investment Datafeeds are only available to users holding an Investment Adviser License or Comprehensive Adviser License.
Contact your BDM for more information on License Types.


You'll need to contact Hub24 and request your EPI Credentials.

 These consist of an Authentication Code and Authentication Password.

Once you receive them, make a note of them in a Word document so they're easy to copy and paste.



1) Log in to your AdviserLogic account.

2) Go to Datafeeds:


3) Choose "Datafeed Codes" from the menu on the left:

4) Click "Add", and in the Window that appears, select “HUB24 Pty Ltd”

There are three codes that need to be entered into the Datafeed Codes area to get the datafeed started; it would commence within 48 hours of those being entered in.

"Account": This is your Adviser Code (it's the purely numeric one, normally about 8 to 10 digits long)

User Name: An alphanumeric code, often marked as the "Login ID". You'll get this from Hub24 when they activate the datafeed. It's called the "EPI Authentication Code"

Password: An alphanumeric code that can also contain symbols. You'll get this from Hub24 as well during the activation of the datafeed. It's called the "EPI Authentication Password"

Finally, ensure the "Active" box and "Download Historic Data" box at the end of the row are ticked, and then click "Save".

That’s it! Your HUB24 datafeed should then commence automatically once the setup is completed.




What information does this feed provide?

Investment Details: Unit Balance and Transactional Data, including purchases, redemptions and distributions.

Superannuation Details, including Product Type, Start Date, and Account Number.

This Datafeed updates daily.


What information is not available?

Insurance Policy Information

Most personal client information except the Name

The sub-product of Hub24 - the datafeed reports 'Super' or 'Non-Super' - it cannot tell us if the account is Super Core, Super Choice, Pension Core or Pension Choice sub-products.

The Hub24 Datafeed works at the Individual Investment level only. Managed Accounts will come through as individual holdings; the Managed Account itself cannot come through as a single holding. 


What conflicts might it cause?

Hub24 provides a Datafeed to Class. If a Class Datafeed is active to AdviserLogic, it may conflict with the Hub24 Datafeed and cause duplication.

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