How To Upload And Send a New FSG (Financial Services Guide)

The financial services guide (FSG) is an important document and Advisers are required to give their clients FSG if they provide certain financial services to a client or retail client. It is designed to assist clients in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered, as described in this FSG.

Note: You will need access to the Administration Tools section to make use of this feature.

To access the FSG Versions Tools, Follow the steps below:-


Step 1:- Go to the Tools section:



Step 2:-Go to Administrative Tools>Practice Management


Step 3:- Go to Categories

Once you open Categories, you will find an option for FSG Versions

You can add the new FSG Version from here.

Step 4:-Once you click on FSG, the below screen will open.

You can see below key sections on this page:

1) FSG Version: You can name the FSG Version in this field.

2) Current Version: Tick the checkbox to mark this as the current version. If this is checked and after saving if you will hover over the File uploaded, it will highlight it’s a current version.

3) Hide: If you don’t want to see all the FSG’s uploaded, you can select the FSG version and tick the checkbox.

4) Uploaded FSG: You can download the uploaded file & view it once it is saved. File with (.doc,.docx,.jpeg,.pdf,.ppt,.tif,.psd,.xls,.xlsx) extension can only be uploaded

5) File: Browse the FSG version File form the location its saves in your system and click on save.

6) Set Up Email Template: With this new feature, you can simply create your own template to send to your clients.

- Once you click on Email Template, you will be directed to a new email template screen.

- You can create your email template & press ‘Save’. If your email template is blank, a default template will be sent to your clients. You can also attach the attachments to your email template via Attach button. Once you click on Attach option, you will be able to choose from 'Browse' or 'Adviser Docs'. Once the document is added, press OK. And later press 'Save'.

Step 5:-Then choose the file in order to upload it. Click on ‘Save ‘a new record for the latest version will be created.


 To send in bulk or individual clients, you can use the FSG Compliance tool.


Tools > Compliance Including FOFA> FSG Compliance

You will find an option for 'FSG Compliance':-


Once you click on FSG, the below screen will open.


Note: Just put a tick against client’s name for whichever client you want to send the FSG.  In case if the email id for the client is not valid, FSG will not go out to the client and it will give an error message.

Partner emails are only used if the Client email is not present. The FSG Compliance feature treats Client + Partner in a joint fashion, sending a single email to both at the same time.

Once the FSG is successfully emailed, this will update the latest FSG Version field on the Basic Information page automatically. Also, if the version sent has been saved as Current Version under FSG Version Categories, the same will be updated under Basic Information.



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