How to handle deceased clients in AdviserLogic

To handle a deceased client, our standard recommendation would be that if they are a single client (that is, no Partner is attached to their record), you can set up a category for 'Deceased', and change them to that Category via the Basic Information screen. That's just a simple way to notifying anyone viewing the record of the situation, and also can help in reporting.

When dealing with a Client and Partner record, where only one individual is deceased, then we advise splitting the client and partner records using "Split Client and Partner", and then to change the Status of the deceased person to "Hidden" to remove their record from searches and reports.

Before doing so, it's best to ensure that all assets are set with the correct 'Owners'; when they are separated this will control which record has which assets.

Splitting Client and Partner records in AdviserLogic can be easily carried out via the "Split Client and Partner" tool.

To find it, you'll need to be using an Administrator account.

Step One

Go to Tools. Select the "Split Client and Partner" option under Advance Records Management.


 Step Two

Select a Partner by searching via the "Select Partner" text box. Click on "Split" once the correct entry is selected.


 The record will be split and you'll end up with two Client records - one for the original Client, and one for the former Partner.


Note: If you need to continue to manage the estate of the deceased, you can leave things as it is from there - it'll behave like a regular client record. 


However, if you need to prevent contact and are ceasing management, you can tick the 'Do Not Contact' box under 'Options' on the Contact Details page & then Save.


 Step Three

Set the 'Status' field on the Basic Information page to 'Hidden'.

Go to FactFinder > Basic Information. Change the status of the client from Active to Hidden. Click on Save.


This prevents the client record from appearing in the Quick Search, or on most Database Segments, however, you can locate the client using the Full Client Search (by changing the Status filter to "All").

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