The purpose of Adviser Document Vault for advisers is to upload documents for their Clients.

Access to Adviser document vault:

Go to your AdviserLogic Home page.

You can see a section named ‘Document Vault’ after selecting client.

Once you click on it, you will get a screen as below.

It has certain fields like Download Title, Upload Date, Uploaded By, Year, File Type, File Size, Visibility, Description and All Years.


To upload any document Click on ‘Upload’ as shown in the screen below.



Attach the required file by clicking on ‘Browse ‘.



As you attach your required file, you get a screen as below.


 You can set a ‘Name’ to the document.


Also, you can set and categorise the attachments as per convenience. Say, if a document is related to FDS, SMSF, Fact Find then you can set the ‘Category’ of the document.


You can add a new Category as well from the dropdown.




When you Click ‘Add New‘, you will get a screen as below.




Set the new ‘Category Name’. If you don’t want a particular client to view the Category, you can uncheck the ‘Visible at Adviser Documents’ and save it. The category can also be set hidden at both the vaults by clicking on ‘Hide’.


Similarly you can add a subcategory for the document by clicking on ‘Sub category’.


You can set the ‘Year‘ for which the document is related to.


When you click on ’Visibility’, you would get two options from the dropdown- ‘Just us‘ and  ’Us and the Clients’.

‘Just Us’ field restricts the client to have an access for the particular document which is going to get uploaded. While the document can be viewed by both the adviser and the Client if ‘Us and the Client’ is selected and saved.


When you click on the ‘Entity’ field, you will be able to see the name of client, partner, superfund, company or trust to which the document is related. Accordingly select and save it.


Remember to select all the required fields and save at the end.


A symbol is present with category, subcategory, year, visibility and entity which means it copies the same above parameters to all the clients of the adviser. It essentially means once you have saved the fields for a particular client, you will get the same list of dropdown in the fields for other clients as well. Below screen shows the symbol ‘Copy to all’



You can also remove an uploaded file by selecting option as shown below:

Select 'Yes' to proceed:


If you have not deleted the document, instead have saved it, you will get a screen as below: 


You can see the parameters above. Click on to any category or year to view the related document.


If you want to edit anything related to the document or add notes, click on the document. You will get a screen as below.


You can download your file with this icon:  

You can preview your file with this icon:  


 You can ‘Search’ your required document directly entering the file name in ‘Document Vault’. You can also go to ‘Search by entity’ and select any entity of the client to which the document is related to .Once you click, it will appear on Document Vault Page. Refer the below Screen for more clarity.


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