CFS Custom (FirstWrap, Investment Exchange)

To commence an Investment Data feed from CFS Custom, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Investment Datafeeds are only available to users holding an Investment Adviser License or Comprehensive Adviser License.
Contact your BDM for more information on License Types.

Phase One: Setting up the Datafeed

Please follow the below instructions:

1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Go to Firstwrap Tools -> Data Feeds
4. Click "Request Files"
5. Request files for "Generic EPI 3.2"


Phase Two: Uploading the data into AdviserLogic

The files requested in Phase One take about 24 hours to generate. When you return to retrieve them, follow these steps to get them into AdviserLogic:

1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Go to FirstWrap Tools -> Datafeeds - select the 'Generic EPI 3.2' option.
4. Click "Retrieve files"
5. Download all results.
6. Unzip the files.

Note: Do not alter the file names. The files will not upload if the file name is changed.

7. Log in to your AdviserLogic Account and go to Datafeeds > EPI (CSV) [within the 'Manual File Processing' group of options in the Datafeed menu].
8. Click 'Add Files' and select the files you unzipped in step 6.

If you see a 'Server Error' message, try steps 7 and 8 again but select fewer files at once (that is, upload them in smaller groups).

9. Once all the files are queued for processing (meaning they appear below the grey 'Uploaded File Name' bar), go to Datafeeds > Datafeed Codes, and click 'Add > CFS Custom'. Enter your 6-8 digit Adviser code in the first available field and click 'Save'.

The code you need to enter in the final step is listed in the names of the files you retrieve - their names are always patterned: [Filetype][Date][AdviserCode]_[Filenumber].



What information does this feed provide?

This is a Manual Datafeed and potentially covers multiple platforms, including CFS FirstWrap, Investment Exchange, Ultimate.

Investment Details: Unit Balance and Transactional Data, including purchases, redemptions, and distributions.

Superannuation Details, including Product, Start Date, and Account Number.


What information is not available?

Insurance Policy Information


What conflicts might it cause?

As a manual integration, this Datafeed relies on you to upload data files on a regular basis in order to maintain balance and transactional data accuracy. Failure to regularly upload files will lead to inaccuracy over time.

The Avanteos Datafeeds are available for Class. If a Class Datafeed is active to AdviserLogic, it may conflict with any or all of the Avanteos Datafeeds and cause duplication.

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