How to upload FOFA Fee Data

Note: You will need access to the Administration Tools section to make use of this feature


Step One: Access the FOFA Fee Upload tool

Go to the Tools section:

Locate the 'Compliance Including FOFA' grouping within Administration Tools section. Click on the blue bar to expand the group:


Within you'll find several options; select 'FOFA Fee Upload':



Step Two: Upload Files

You should find yourself on this screen:

We can see three key sections on this page:

1) The Upload 'Type Name' dropdown field

2) The Drag and Drop upload section

3) The Progress bars


To begin with, open the 'Type Name' field to select the required upload type:


These are the options available. Select the one that your Fee data files are sourced from.

Next, drag the files from your computer onto the grey 'Drag & Drop File(s)' section:

Note 1: You can also click 'Browse' to locate and select the files manually

Note 2: Email attachments cannot be directly dropped here, they must be saved on your computer first.

The files will begin uploading immediately. You can see their progress using the bars on the right side. Once the upload is completed, you'll receive a summary message to confirm what data has been found and imported.

To begin with, most data will end up in the 'FOFA Orphan Fee Records' area, where you can map it to clients to complete the linking process. Further information on this process can be found here:



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