How to Illustrate Transition to Retirement

Transition to Retirement is a Government initiative which allows superannuation fund members who have reached their preservation age to access their accumulated superannuation benefits as a non-commutable income stream while they are still working.

Note: For the TTR Calculator to work as expected, the Fact-find information should be accurately filled in.

To Illustrate a Transition to Retirement Strategy in AdviserLogic please follow the following steps:-

Log into your AdviserLogic Account and Go to Reports

Select Calculators in Reports

TTR is modelled separately for both Client and Partner, so select for whom the TTR has to be modelled

Once we are here the client details will automatically show-up in accordance to what has been entered in Fact Finder

Here in the case we simply want to maintain the same level of net income, just in a more tax effective manner.

On the basis of the various parameters in client details, the calculator will show the client’s current income and projected superannuation balance and will also show the optimum position to maintain the same level of net income.

Also, this will show how much can be drawn from pension and what amount should be sacrificed back into the superannuation accumulation account.

Graphs will also be displayed with the same information.

We will have to click on Generate TTR to download this information in document format.

We will have to click on Save everytime we make an adjustment in the Input Parameters for the changes to flow through to the TTR generated document.

This report can be used to form the strategy section of your SOA.



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