How to create Categories

Categories are used to categorize various fields such as Clients, File Notes, and Documents, just to name a few. 

To create Categories please follow these steps:

Step 1.  Log in to your AdviserLogic account and go to Tools.


Step 2. Go to Practice Management in Administrative Tools. Your practice champion will have this access.

Step 3.  Go to Categories.


Below are some of the fields for which the categories can be created.


Below is an example showing how to create categories in the Document Vault.

  1. Go to Tools > Categories > Document Vault
  2. Click on Documents. A new window will appear on the right side. This section shows the already existing document categories (if there are any standard ones). This is also the section from where new categories for Document Vault can be created.
  3. To add a new category, click on Add.
  4. Enter the category Name and click on Save.
  5. Once you hit save, a notification will appear just above the "Save" option and you'd see the category appearing in the Document Vault. (In this case, the category created is "Checklist")



Visible at Client Document Vault: If this option is selected, the category will be visible only in the client document vault area.


Visible at Adviser Document Vault: If this option is selected, the category will be visible only in adviser document vault section.

However, Visible at Client Document Vault and Visible at Adviser Document vault both can be selected.  In this case, the category will be visible in both the client and adviser document vault areas.

Hide: You can hide the categories not in use by checking on the Hide buttonIf you hide a category already used for a client’s record, that category will remain in that client file, but will not be available for use for new clients.

Delete: A category can be deleted if that category is no longer required. But before deleting a category, you should make sure that the category is not used in any client’s record. Any category which is being used within a client file cannot be deleted.

Update: Changes can also be made to existing categories. Select the already existing Category and click on Update to save the changes.

After adding the Categories, Subcategories can also be created within these categories by clicking on Include Sub-categories. Once you check on it, an Add button will pop up.

Click on Add, a new field will pop up, enter the subcategory name and click on Save.

These categories can also be created from within the Document Vault while uploading and updating document from Client’s Document Vault or Adviser Documents in Tools in Adviser’s Documents, provided you are the Practice Champion.

Clients / Adviser Document Vault.


Similarly, you can easily create categories for other fields as well.

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