How to change the Owning Entity of a Datafeed

There are two ways to change the Owning Entity of a data feed. This is referred to as 'Remapping' the datafeed code.

Option One

  1. Go to Datafeeds:

  2. On the left, there will be a column labeled "Datafeeds". Click on the appropriate data feed under the "Datafeed Management" heading to open it.

For Investment Datafeeds:


For Insurance datafeeds, use the lower option of "All Insurance".


Select the relevant datafeed using the fields on the main window, and locate the client account you want to change.

Click on the "Remap" link:


Select the Existing Individual button, and then search for the new entity that you want the account to be linked to, and hit Save to complete the process.


Option Two

  1. Hover over Fact Finder and then click Basic Information for the client you'd like to change. Then, click the Account Codes link at the bottom of the section: 
  2. Next, locate the data feed you'd like to remap, and note down the 'Account Code'. 
  3. Once you've noted the Account Code, put your mouse over the blue 'arrow' icon next to the code, and select 'Erase' from the menu that pops up.
  4. Click "Ok" on the confirmation message.

This will remove the datafeed from the entity it is currently mapped to. Next, we have to link the datafeed to the new entity.

  1. Select the new entity in the 'Entity' field.
  2. Select the Datafeed Type in the 'Feed' field. For example, in the example image above, we would select "BT Wrap"
  3. Enter the Account Code into the 'Account Code' field.
  4. Click 'Save'
  5. Once the process completes, place your mouse over the blue 'arrow' icon next to your newly mapped datafeed, and select "Delete and Refresh Investments" to force a full update for this datafeed.
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