How to Add an Email Signature

An Email Profile is required in order to send emails from AdviserLogic.

How you set it up determines two things:

1) Which email address the replies will go back to

2) What email signature is included in your emails automatically.


The instructions below will show you how to set up an Email Profile and Email Signature.


Step 1

Go to the Email section via the blue menu bar:


Step 2         

Click on the blue “From” button:


You'll be taken to the screen shown below:


Step 3

Profile: Select “Add New Profile” from the drop-down

Display Name: Enter your Name as you want to display it.

Email: Enter your email address. This is the email address that any replies will come back to.

Step 4.

Insert your signature into the Signature box. You can copy and paste it from Outlook or Gmail.




Once everything looks correct, click on Save in the lower right.


Your Email Profile and Signature are now ready for use.


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