Praemium Datafeeds (Data Feeds)

To commence an Investment Datafeed from Praemium, please follow these steps:



Setting up an export

Your company must have an agreement with the company you are exporting to This means you have established the authority for certain advisers within your service to export directly to another application. The export will fail for Advisers who do not have this authority set up. You must also contact Client Services to request your service be switched on for export. To set up a successful export, you need to register your V-Wrap Internal User ID code with the company that manage the application you are exporting to. This is a different ID to the one you log in with.


To find your V-Wrap Internal User ID:


  1. From the Maintenance > User Maintenance menu in V-Wrap, click My User Details.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Type your User ID  in the Search By > User ID box. Your User ID is the one you use to log in to V-Wrap.
  4. Click Search.

The Internal User ID displays in the first field of the search results.


To set up the link, visit 'Home > Portfolios > Setting up a new portfolio > Data feeds > Exporting data to third party applications > Setting up and running export jobs for a single adviser’ under V-Wrap help.



The Adviser that runs the export job needs to select the adviser codes carefully for whom the export is intended. These selected adviser codes must be setup in the AdviserLogic application so that related data can be made available on the application. 



1) Log in to your AdviserLogic account.

2) Go to Datafeeds:


3) Choose "Datafeed Codes" from the menu on the left:

4) Click "Add", and select “Praemium” from the drop down list.

5) The page will update to display the necessary fields; enter your VWrap Internal User ID :-

That’s it! Your Praemium datafeed should then commence automatically.




What information does this feed provide?

Investment Details: Unit Balance and Transactional Data, including purchases, redemptions and distributions.
For this Datafeed, ADL supports and identifies all kinds of major investments like MFDs, ASX, International Shares, SMAs, Bank Deposits/ Term Deposits, Cash accounts etc.


This Datafeed updates daily.


What information is not available?

Superannuation details

Insurance Policy information

Client personal information except for Name


What conflicts might it cause?

Praemium does not provide data to differentiate between Super and Non-Super portfolios. The End User must manually create Superfunds where applicable and link the Datafeed Account Code to those.

Praemium provides a Datafeed to Class. If a Class Datafeed is active to AdviserLogic, it may conflict with the Praemium Datafeed and cause duplication.



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