Workflow Segmentation


Please make sure to go through How to Create Database Segments before proceeding. The concepts are the same, however the fields to display are different.

Workflow Segmentation can be used to retrieve information about tasks (within and without workflows) and workflows that have been assigned to clients. 


There are 5 fields sets available to choose from in Workflow Segmentation and they are explained below:


This section relates to the changes that have been made to a task or workflow. Users can fetch information about:

  • who made the change
  • time the change was made
  • which aspect of the task changed (status, description, due dates, copied to a file note, etc.)
  • the status of the task before the change compared to the status of the task after the change

Entire Workflow

This section provides information on the details of a Workflow assigned to a client that have been entered in such as name, title, client assigned to, due date, etc.

Users can also retrieve information about the current status of a workflow such as current task, workflow stage, whether it has been started etc.


This section includes just one field - the Referred By field from the client's Basic Information page. Additional fields may be added here over time.


This section allows users to generate a list of Task Notes that have been added to tasks. Users can view the text within the note, as well as when the note was made, who added it, and several other key pieces of information.

Note that the 'Hourly Rate' field requires additional data entry via the Tools > Practice Management > Users area - the 'Charge out rate' field for each User must be filled in for this Hourly Rate field to function.


Unlike it's name, the Workflow fields relate to the Tasks themselves, for both tasks within a workflow and standalone tasks. 

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