How to set up the Birthday SMS


This article goes through the steps required to send your clients a customised SMS on their birthday. The Birthday SMS process is automated, so once it has been set up, you won't need to worry about it.

Step One

Set up the template to be sent in Tools -> SMS Messaging -> Birthday SMS

NOTE: This option is only available for Adviser-level logins. The Birthday SMS system applies the template based on the Client's Adviser - so each Adviser can have their own personalised message.

For this reason, the Birthday SMS Template cannot be set up from within a Paraplanner or Support User Account.

Step Two

In order to set up a SMS profile - this profile can either be a phone number of a name and will be what recipients of the text will see as the sender.

Go to Tools -> SMS Profile

For old Adviser Home page:

For new Adviser Home page:

Click on "Add" and fill in the information. You can either put in a name or your phone number. Please note that if you add SMS from a number, then replies will go to that number. However, if you put SMS from "John Smith", your recipients cannot reply to the messages.

You can also select which name/number you would like to use as your default profile:


Choose the SMS Profile you want to send from and select from a variety of options via Insert Codes in the Birthday SMS section in Tools.


Step Three

Go to Fact Finder -> Contact Details -> Options to enable the birthday SMS function.


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