Introduction: Adding a Client

The Basics

On your toolbar, select the blue person icon to add a new client.

Fill in as much information as you can in the Basic Information window. The fields with a red asterisk next to them need to be filled before you can proceed to the next step.

You will also notice fields with a box with 3 dots next to them. This is our date selection tool. When you click on it, a mini calendar will pop up from which you can select a date. Alternatively, you can manually enter in a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Once you have filled in the relevant fields and proceeded to the next step, you will notice that a new column has appeared on your screen in addition to the Basic Information window.

In this Fact Finder column, you are able to navigate to the different sections of your client's information. Filling in the Fact Finder is very important as other features of AdviserLogic pulls through information from this section to analyse your client's financial position.

You are also able to create a partner profile for your client by selecting the "Include Partner" tickbox on the top right. A new category of fields will appear under the Client's details.

Important Note:

1. Make sure to hit "Save" every time you want to change an aspect of the client's information.

2. There's a new field to add client service manager for your client. Basically, that relates to the person who is taking care of such client & his/her records. This field will show the name of all the users irrespective of their license type. A paraplanner or a support staff can also be a Client Service Manager. Refer the attached screenshot:


Fact Finder allows you to add other important information as follows:


Contact Details

Storing a client's contact details in AdviserLogic will save you a lot of work. If you need to contact your clients by email or SMS, you can easily do it via AdviserLogic. 

AdviserLogic allows you to store your client's contact information in several different categories. Once you press the "+" sign next to each sub-heading, a new section will drop down and you can fill it in as required.

If you have added a partner to your client's account, the screen will appear as follows:

 This icon will allow you to copy & paste the information entered in the field of Home address of client to his mailing address.

 This icon will allow you to copy & paste the information entered in the field of Home address & mailing address of client to his partner's Home address & mailing address.

Important Note:
We definitely recommend that you fill in all you can in the "Options" section. This is because when you contact a client, their preferred contact details are the ones you can select from. 

When you are also familiar with using AdviserLogic, you will probably use Database Segmentation and filling in these fields will allow you to retrieve more relevant information.


Health Details

It is always good to have a reference point for the client's health when you are comparing insurance policies. 

AdviserLogic will automatically calculate a client's BMI once you have filled in the values for Height in metres and Weight in kilograms. If you are not used to the metric system, we have a handy tool which converts imperial system units to metric system units. You can access this via the calculator icon next to the Height and Weight fields.


Goals and Objectives

Adding goals and objectives for a client will really help you in deciding the kind of advice you want to give and by setting this within the Fact Finder area, it will also populate the relevant section of your Statement of Advice. AdviserLogic provides a handy section where you can enter this information in the Goals & Objectives tab.  However you enter in the information here is how it will appear in your Statement of Advice.

Select from low, medium, high priorities and fill in the rest of the fields:


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