How to import Outlook appointments into AdviserLogic Diary

Step One

Go to your Outlook calendar, click on the day of the appointment and select "New Meeting Request"


Step Two

Invite your account's '' email address (which you can find on the Import Emails screen - you'll find this by clicking the "Lightning Bolt" button in the upper right corner of your account).


This will create an Appointment type entry in the Import Emails section, which, once assigned to a client, creates a synchronized Diary appointment. Any changes made in Outlook to that appointment will automatically update the AdviserLogic Diary entry.

Step Three

Once you have imported the appointment into the AdviserLogic Diary, you can edit the appointment by double-clicking on it in the diary section.


In the new window, go to the "Resource" field and select which members of your team you would like to share the appointment with.


You can view the details of the appointment in the Client's File Notes section if you have mapped it with the respective client.


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