How to add managed investments without an APIR code

There are two main ways to add a managed fund if you don't have the APIR code (or if AdviserLogic does not recognise the APIR code you have).

Method One

You can input your investment by going to the Assets/Liabilities and select "Other" when you add a fund.



Method Two (Requires Administrative Access)

Alternatively if you are going to require the same managed fund frequently, you can create a custom product.

Go to Tools → Structured Products

Add a "Custom Product" type Asset using those details.

> Product Type should remain set to 'Structured'

> The 'Ref. Code' is entirely up to you - choose something unique whenever possible.

> Product Name is what shows as the description when you add this to a client. 

> Under Unit Price, you should always add at least one entry. If you don't have specific information about the unit price for this holding, just give it a $1 unit price - it will need that to function properly when used.

> The other fields are all optional - it's good to complete as much as you can, but it is not mandatory.

> Make sure you Save at the bottom right, when you're done!

You can then select this fund in the Assets tab by choosing "Add -> Custom Product".

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