How to add a file note

There are many different ways to generate a file note in AdviserLogic:

Method One

Select a client, then go to the File Notes section.


Click on "Add" to create a new file note:


Some features to take note of:

  • Lock this record - Once you have selected this option, you can no longer make any changes to the file note once you have saved it
  • Category - If you categorize your file notes, you can sort through them via the category you have placed them into
  • Related to - Classify which client/fund the note relates to
  • Manage Attachments - Attach files and enter in details/information about your attachments


Method Two

Another way to add file notes to client files via the import emails section and the SMS section. Refer to How to import emails to AdviserLogic and How to use the SMS System for more information.


Transferring File Notes

You can also copy file notes from one client to another by going to Tools → Copy File Notes. However, this copies ALL the file notes associated with one client over to another.

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