How do I combine or merge these duplicate client records?

If you happen to enter in duplicate records for a client, you can merge the two using the Manage Client Merger tool. You can also merge business clients using the steps below through the "Business Client Merger".

Note: You will need access to Administration Tools in order to use this feature.

Important Note

Once you have completed a merge, the secondary client's record is set to Hidden and will not come up in Quick Search

Step One

Go to Tools > Advanced Records Management > Manage Client Merger


Step Two

Primary Client refers to the client record that will take precedence when merged. Secondary Client is the duplicate record that you wish to merge into the primary client, i.e. the Primary Client when merging is the one you want to keep and the Secondary Client is the one you want to hide.

This means that if the Primary Client record states that the client's address is "123 ABC Street" and the Secondary Client record states that the address is "124 ABC Street", the final result would be "123 ABC Street".

However, any blank values in the Primary Client record that are not blank in the Secondary Client record are filled in. For example, if the Primary Client had a blank Middle Name but the Secondary Client had a Middle Name , then the final client name will include Secondary Client's Middle Name.


In this tool, you can also select specific information that you wish to merge.


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