How to set up a Model Portfolio

Step One - Navigate to Model Portfolio Screen

(i) Click on Tools


(ii) Go to Administrative Tools → Product Setup → Click on Model Portfolios

(iii) Once you click on Model Portfolios, you will see the below screen:

Step Two - Adding a new portfolio 

(i) In the text box next to Portfolio Name, enter in the Portfolio Name you want to add and click on Save.

(ii) Once you click on Save, 'Portfolio Investment List' will appear below the existing section. To add investments to your portfolio, hover over the add button in the new section to select from the drop down list.

Note: Make sure to save every time you modify the information in your model portfolio.

By adding the percentages of each investment, you can set up the percentage of the portfolio you want the investment to take:

Once you have entered an amount for the entire portfolio, the individual amounts for each investment will be allocated according to the percentages you set up above.

Step Three - Adding Model Portfolio to Portfolio section

When you have set up the Model Portfolio, you can add it in the Portfolio section by following the below steps:

(i) Go to a client account

(ii) Click on Portfolio icon on the top pane

(iii) On the Portfolio screen, navigate to the left pane and click on Model Portfolio under Add                 Items


 (iv) Once you click on Model Portfolio, a dialog box will pop-up in which you will be able to                   select portfolio, enter recommended amount and other details.

The system will automatically calculate the values for you based on the percentages you have set up in the steps above.

To modify or remove a Model Portfolio, follow the steps in this article: How to modify or delete a Model Portfolio.


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