How to use Mail Merge

Important Note

The Mail Merge section is a slightly modified version of the email section and shares a lot of the same functionality. It is not capable of actually sending emails, though; clicking "Generate" will not send anything to the selected clients. Instead, it will generate a document containing information merged from your client records.

To use it, follow the steps below.

Step One

Go to Tools -> Mail Merge


Once you will click on Mail Merge, below screen will appear:


You can create templates here, just like you can in the Send Email section. For creating a template in Mail merge you can type the text in the below text box:


Once your template is complete click on save.


Clicking on save will ask you to enter Template name and Category for your template.


Group Management:


We have added a new feature of creating Group via Mail merge as we have in the Email section. For creating a group you can follow below link for instructions:

How to use Group management


Generate Email as a word document for clients:

You will get a list of all saved templates once you will click on the TEMPLATE button. There are other features associated with the template to make changes with the template.


You will need to add the recipients in the To section. You can add multiple clients depending on various filters by clicking the TO button. You can also select a group of clients from SELECT GROUP dropdown.

After selecting a template and clients you can simply click on the GENERATE button. You will get a pop up to confirm if you wish to record the file in the client's file note section.

Clicking on Yes will save the word document in your client's file note section and No will only generate the word document.

Note: All clients will appear in the mail merge whether they have email addresses saved or not in their contact details section.

Add a new category:

You can add/Edit/Delete a category by clicking on ADD CATEGORY.

You will get below screen once you will click on Add Category:

You will have to type the name of the Category in Category Name box and click on save. It will appear in the Templated Categories list.

You can edit and delete the category from these options of the respective category:

Share/Unshare Template:

Once you will click on the Template button, a list of all your saved templates will appear and you will have the option of share it with all other users of your company.

Once you will click on the share arrow, it will revolve around and its color will change into purple. This new arrow is the button to unshare the respective template.


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