How to use the SMS System

Step One

Set up a SMS profile - this profile can either be a mobile number or a name.  The number or the name will be what recipients of the text will see as the sender, however note they can only reply if you use a mobile number.

Go to Tools -> SMS Profile

Click on "Add" and fill in the information. You can either put in a name or your phone number. Please note that if you add SMS from a number, then replies will go to that number. However, if you put SMS from "John Smith", your recipients cannot reply to the messages.

You can also select which name/number you would like to use as your default profile:

Step Two

To send your SMS, go to Tools -> Advanced SMS

Click the "To" button to select recipients and select from Insert Codes for a customised message.

Clicking the 'Send' button will then send your SMS, provided you have sufficient credit funds. Any SMS sent from this screen to a client will automatically be created as File Notes against their record, saving you time and ensuring that all interactions with your clients are tracked and recorded

Note: by default, your Adviser Logic account comes with 10 free SMS messages, after which you'll need to purchase more.

Step Three

To recharge you credits, go to Tools -> SMS Account 

If you click "Purchase", this alerts our Accounts Department, who will add the $50 charge to your next Direct Debit.

Note: One credit = one SMS


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