...get my SMSF to show in the Super Rollover tool?

To make sure that your SMSF appears in the New Super Rollover tool, you have to save at least one 'Member entry' against the superfund entity. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Step One

Go to your SMSF, in the Fact Finder -> Superannuation section. View the details by clicking on it.

The Self Managed Super Fund details window will appear. Simply click the "Add Member" button to begin the process:

Above: The upper red box shows where previously saved Member details appear. The marked button will allow you to enter new Member details.

Step Two

Add a member by completing the fields in the image below, and clicking Save:

Above: The most important fields are the 'Member' field and the 'Balance (%)' field. If your SMSF is paying a pension to a member, additional fields will appear when you tick the "Currently Paying Pension" box.

Your SMSF should now appear as an option in the "Super Rollover New" tool in Portfolio.

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