How to set up a basic workflow

Note: This feature requires administrative access

Step One - Navigate to Workflow Setup

Go to Tools ->Administrative Tools -> Practice Management -> Workflow Setup

From this screen, click 'Add' to begin the process of creating a new Workflow:

You'll need to enter a Name for the Workflow, a Category, and a Type. You can also enter a Budget, if applicable.

Step Two - Add tasks to Workflow

You can then use the 'Add' button to start adding Tasks to your Workflow. You will need to enter

  • Brief Description - add name/description of the workflow
  • Role - used when assigning users to workflows; the correct people will be assigned to the task
  • Task Due in - defaults to one day if no value is entered

Once you've set all the fields correctly, click 'Save' to finalise the addition of this task to your Workflow. You can add further tasks by repeating this process.

Step Three - Setting up Links View

Once you've added all the Tasks you require, you can click the 'Links View' button your Workflow to set how the Tasks relate to each other.

Each row will take the format: 'When [task] [event] [action] [task / workflow] in [time amount] [timeframe]'.

  • [Task / Workflow] fields populate from the Tasks within your Workflow, and other Workflows you've created.
  • [Event] field has three status options:
      • 'Is Completed'
      • 'Is Abandoned'
      • 'Is Started'
  • [Action] field has three options:
      • 'It Will Start' - relates to Tasks in your workflow
      • 'It will Trigger' - relates to other workflows
      • 'It Will Prompt' - relates to other workflows
  • [Time Amount] field can be any number you choose to enter. It only becomes available when [time frame] is set to any value that's not 'immediately.'
  • [Time frame] field has five options relating to the [Time Amount] field:
      • 'Immediately'
      • 'Hours'
      • 'Minutes'
      • 'Days'
      • 'Work Days'

The basic flow for your Workflow can be set on this screen.

For example, if you have Task A and Task B, you could set your links as:
'When [Task A] [Is Completed] [It Will Start] [Task B] in [6] [Work Days]'

This would mean that when you assign that Workflow to a Client, 'Task A' would initially have a status of 'In Progress', and Task B would be 'Dormant'.
If you then completed Task A, after 6 working days have passed, Task B would automatically change it's status to 'In Progress'.


Example of Things you can do in Links

  • Have a Task that can be started by any one of several other Tasks being completed
  • Have a single Task launch two or more other tasks when the first task is "Abandoned".
  • You can set a Task to prompt the user to start a different Workflow (in case it might be necessary), or even to just begin adding the Workflow (and thus force the user to fill it in and assign it to the client record).

Once you have the Links set up, you can swap back to the Task View, and click "Save and Close" to finalise the creation of your Workflow. Once you do so, the Workflow will be available for all users to start adding to client records.

Important Note

If you need to change a Workflow, you can do so by returning to this screen and left clicking on it in the list here. Note that changes to a Workflow will only ever affect future uses of that Workflow - previously assigned Workflows are set and can only be changed on a client-by-client basis (that is, you have to edit them manually in the client's record).

This is also true for deleting a Workflow - it will not delete previously assigned Workflows of that type, but instead will prevent users from using that Workflow in the future.


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