How to import emails to AdviserLogic

Step One

Go to AdviserLogic import emails page:


You will see that you have been assigned a specific AdviserLogic email address:

Step Two

  • If you want to export an email in your inbox, simply forward the email to your AdviserMail address.

  • If you are sending an email to a client via an external email client, simply CC or BCC your AdviserMail address and it will appear in the Import Emails section where you can assign it as a File Note for your client's record.

Step Three

Once you've had a copy of your email from outlook sent to your AdviserMail, Adviser Logic will attempt to automatically save your email to a related client as a file note, by detecting the email addresses present and making a 'best guess' match.

If it locates a suitable match, AdviserLogic will automatically create a File Note for the email. It will appear in the Import Emails section, where you can reassign it in the scenario that it has incorrectly detected the client.

If File Notes are not saved automatically as a File Note, you can manually save them to a client via the "Import Emails" tool. To do this:

  • Fill out the "Client Related To" box for the corresponding email 
  • Make sure the "Confirm" tickbox is checked 
  • Press "Confirm and Create All"

This import function will automatically extract any attachments to your email to be saved as an attachment to your new file note, as well as a copy of the original Outlook email (in .eml format).

Alternatively, if you merely want to attach an email to a separate existing file note you can save it in your desired format in Outlook (within a New Email, File -> Save As) and use the attachment function within your target file note. This can be done through Client -> File Notes -> Click target File Note -> Manage Attachments -> Choose File -> Save.


Note: The Import Emails function is a 'database intensive' feature. This means that if the Database is being extensively utilised, the Import Emails section may ask you to try again at a different time.
It is generally best to avoid attempting to Import Emails prior to 8am Sydney or after 7pm Sydney time, as the Database often undergoes load testing outside of those times.

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