Advanced Import Features (Bulk Emails and Tasks)

Bulk Emails

Select multiple emails in Outlook and click on "Forward". This will create a new email with the selected emails as attachments. If you give the blank email the title "@M" and forward it to your AdviserMail, the system will discard the 'umbrella' email and load each attached email as a separate entry as if you had sent them one at a time.

Note that the system automatically discards emails if they have previously been imported (to prevent duplicates). The processor has a maximum size of 28mb; your email must be smaller than that or it will be rejected.Note that it also will not work if less than 2 emails are attached to the forwarded @M email.

As a refresher, to make it work you'll need to select multiple emails in Outlook, right click, and select "Forward Items". Select your @Advisermail address in the "To" field, and set the subject to @M




You can also create Tasks to assign to clients by sending an email with the subject "@T" to your email import address. This will appear in the import section, allowing you to select the Task Type before assigning it.

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